Q - Is this website-community free to sign up?
A - Yes, it will be free for anyone and it will always be.

Q - Do I have to verify my email?
A - Yes, it is due to the safety and confirm your real idenity.

Q - Where can I upload my song-tracks?
A - We have a music-section that allows users to upload their songs on MP3-format. You can find it here.

Q - I don't like the music player, can embed my own code?
A - Of course, you can! SoundCloud and HulkShare are good options to use their codes. Vistit SoundCloud or HulkShare on the highlighted links!

Q - Can I upload copyrighted music on the website?
A - The answer is: No. Only if you have permission from the original artist or the producer. Otherwise, it is a crime within the copyright. If you or anyone break the rules, we have the rights to ban you and delete your account.

Q - Can I upload videos on the website?
A - Yes, you can. Just go to your favorite video-community. Copy and paste the embed video.